Rebel Rabbit aims to build global eCommerce brands from the ground up that create real value for customers.

Process →

Define it

Exploration of consumer needs and product market fit explored.

Test it

MVP is built and validated by traffic and data collection.

Brand it

Brand strategy is created to drives sales and set product apart.

Scale it

Product is scaled and customer acquisition strategy begins.


Want to build your own eCommerce business? Shopify is a user-friendly eCommerce platform that allows you to create and launch an online store in a few simple steps, no code or Developers required.

This full-day workshop is a hands-on step-by-step eCommerce entrepreneurs masterclass taught by a studio that has launched multiple seven figure Shopify stores. You'll learn:

01. Creating a Shopify Store

Lay out the foundations for your online shop by using seller tools and functionalities to design your website.

02. Sourcing Products

How to pick the right products to sell on your store. Finding the right suppliers is a key ingredient to a successful store.

03. Generating Ads Traffic

Master Facebook, Google, Instagram and other ad platforms to pinpoint the perfect audience for your products and generate buyer interests.

04. eMail Marketing

How to generate sales for free by using eMail marketing the right way! Set up a fully automated funnel system that brings in sales and keeps your customers engaged.

05. ChatBot Traffic

learn how to take your store to the next level with an advance ChatBot system. You will learn how to set up ChatBots that bring in more sales.

06.Funnel Building

Learn exactly how to build advanced sales funnel that transform site visitors from casual browsers into committed customers.The key to any successful Shopify store is a healthy sales funnel.

07. Google Ads

Learn how you can leverage Google Ads to take advantage of low cost advertising and high converting buyers. You will learn how to quickly upload campaigns on Google and start getting sales the same day


  • Swyft Scooters ™
  • Facemask & Bath Co

Swyft Scooters ™

The all new e-scooter you can fold, carry and hold.

Facemask & Bath Co

All natural vegan face masks & aromatherapy bath products.

Book your VIP ticket to the hottest party cruises in New York.


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